Year In Review

2022 was a turbulent year for cryptocurrency, with the collapse of large centralised cryptocurrency businesses showing why decentralisation is absolutely vital for digital money to thrive. Nano has once again shown itself to be resilient, with both the Nano Foundation and ever-growing community continuing to push the vision of a decentralised global currency. As we continue our journey in 2023, let's not forget to take a look back and celebrate 2022.



Follis V23

January 17th
  • The year started off with the V23 Follis update. Focusing on refactoring, code cleanup and unit test improvements.
  • Receivable instead of pending
  • After community discussions, a change from the term pending to receivable/ready to be received and similar was decided on and implemented in V23.0. These changes can be seen in various areas of the node wallet as well as across many RPC calls.

  • Unit name simplifications
  • The variety of units previously noted in the spec has been simplified down to two units only:raw (10^0) and nano (10^30). All RPC calls, QR code amounts and other machine-related functions should use the standard raw unit for the most accurate precision.

  • Ticker and symbol change
  • This change is not related to the node or release, but is is helpful to be aware of if you participate on the network. We recently rolled out updates for the nano ticker, which transitions from the previous “NANO” to “XNO” for standards compliance, as well as a new symbol.

    All the effort and support of the nano users, community, exchanges, services and others participating on the network is much appreciated and we couldn’t achieve these releases without you!

Key events

Nano Foundation Team

March 31st

    Pim Coffeng

    The Nano Foundation welcomed Pim Coffeng as the Growth Strategist for the Nano Foundation.

    Having worked for the gaming platform Poki for 7 years and expanded their user-base to 35 million users a month, Pim has set his sights on initiatives that deal with forming an economy around nano.

    Using his extensive knowledge and experience in the area, Pim is going to focus on such areas as user growth in emerging economies, educational alliances, nano use cases in gaming, and more.

    As the Growth Strategist of the Nano Foundation, Pim will help accelerate awareness around nano and expand partnerships.

First Advert Video

January 22nd
  • 2022 also started off strong with the first nano advert video, showcasing different ways of using nano in the real world!
  • Point of sale payments
  • Because of the reliable network, nano is perfect for using in point of sale payments.

  • Donations
  • No transaction fees and instant transactions makes nano an amazing currency for donations.

  • Remittances
  • Nano is a global currency. Send it to anyone, anywhere in the world instantly without fees.

    Check out the video on our YouTube channel!

WeNano in Nigeria

  • We started to explore the opportunities to engage the community in Nigeria and West Africa. As part of that, we placed a banner on the Nigerian English-language internet forum, Nairaland, to promote the Nigerian Telegram group.
  • Results
  • We saw a strong uptick in applications for our community program. We welcomed around 15 new members to the Telegram group. Made contacts in multiple universities. We are in touch with a business owner that wants to implement nano.


February 15th

Real Time Club

On February 15, 2022, Colin LeMahieu, Director of the Nano Foundation, spoke on the topic of “Building a better Digital Currency”. The Real Time Club is one of London’s foremost networking institutions, bringing together people from diverse professional backgrounds with common interest in technology and society. Every year, the Real Time Club runs a series of dinners with distinguished speakers on current issues of the information age.

February 22nd

Dragons Den at UEL

On February 22 of 2022, George Coxon participated in an event organized by the Royal Docks School of Business and Law at UEL where students could pitch business ideas to experts and fellow Dragons.

March 10th

Zigurat Hexperience

On March 10th of 2022, George Coxon and Colin LeMahieu participated as speakers at a Virtual Congress on architecture, engineering, innovation and sustainability hosted by the Zigurat Institute. They spoke on the topic “Digital Money shouldn’t cost the Earth”.


Nanogram beta introduced

A new social media website with integrated nano tipping.

Nano Community Initiatives, 3 stories

Listen to the stories of different projects and businesses in the nano ecosystem. Hosted by Colombian ambassador Carlos Murgas.

Nautilus launched

A new wallet packed with lots of features!

Nano Collaborative - What is nano?

Nano Nigeria: The First e-Meetup

Understanding Zero Transaction in Digital Currency

France Meetup

French ambassador Corentin Hanonge organised an online nano meetup for other french speaking community members


A racing game that allows you to buy items with nano



V23.1 - V23.3 Follis

May 19th
  • Starting in mid April, a sequence of DDoS attacks exploiting node behaviour were executed on the live nano network. Operators could see high disk usage, high disk IO, crashes from out of memory, and stalled transaction confirmation.
  • Several patches (V23.1, V23.2 and V23.3) were released to mitigate attack vectors
  • The patches included multiple fixes including adding an in-memory implementation of the unchecked table and re-enabling vote hinting.

Assets Page

  • To make it easier for our community to create new graphics, websites and products, or advertise that they accept nano, we launched an assets page!
  • Design Guidelines and Stickers
  • The assets page includes all the brand colouring, fonts, symbols and Nano Foundation logos that can be used across websites and in the real world to maintain our brand consistency. We also added 'Nano Accepted Here' stickers so you can proudly let the world know that your business accepts nano!

Key events

Nano Foundation Team

March 31st

    Big changes in the team

    We have welcomed some amazing new people to our team such as Piotr Wójcik as full time developer, Patryk Prejs as summer intern, and Forest Horsman as Social Media Lead.

    Unfortunately, we also had to say goodbye to team members Russell Waters, Kate Lifshits and Zach Hyatt.



UEL Paper Wallet Re-design Competition

Director at the Nano Foundation, George Coxon, spent brilliant few hours with some of the MBA students Royal Docks School of Business and Law at University of East London! The purpose was to re-design a paper wallet for the UEL Centre of Fintech Launch on Thursday at the UK Houses of Parliament.


UEL Centre Of FinTech Launch Party / First crypto transaction in parliament

Nano, the feeless eco-friendly cryptocurrency, was used for the first-ever crypto transactions to take place at an official event inside the Houses of Parliament. This took place at the launch of The Centre of FinTech at the University of East London, an educational institution with which the Nano Foundation has deep ties.


Women In Payments EMEA 2022 Symposium

George Coxon participated in the Women in Payments EMEA 2022 Symposium as moderator during the session 'One Coin to Rule Them All: CBDC, Stable Coins and Crypto Assets: Where We Are Today'.


CyNam 22.2 Keynote Speech

George Coxon and Colin LeMahieu presented a keynote speech at CyNam 22.2 for the Cheltenham Science Festival. The speech focused on web3, cryptocurrency and blockchain with an audience full of cryptography experts.


Reset Connect event in London during Climate Action Week

Colin LeMahieu, George Coxon and Forest Horsman attended the Reset Connect event with a booth to spread awareness about nano as the only currency at the event. The event focused heavily on sustainability and green solutions. Additionally, George and Colin did a presentation about nano's sustainable aspects at the event.


Nano in r/place

Many nano community members placed pixels in the Reddit r/place event!

Community video contest

The nano community organised a video contest.

Create a Local Nano Node

Tiptoo - a nano tipping wallet

Nano Global Student Society

Nano Nigeria Virtual Meetup (South-East Nigeria)

Community Initiatives 3 Stories

New episodes of the Nano Community Initiatives hosted by Carlos Murgas have been released to learn about different projects, businesses and organisations in the nano ecosystem.



Nano Rust Implementation by Gustav Schauwecker

  • Community developer Gustav Schauwecker started documenting his efforts to port the original nano node to Rust.
  • Why port nano to Rust?
  • The original nano-node is written in C++. C++ is a very powerful language, but it makes it easy to introduce potentially exploitable bugs, like buffer overflows, dangling pointers, race conditions, integer overflows, and the like. Rust, on the other hand, offers similar performance characteristics as C++, but guarantees memory safety and thread safety at compile time. The Nano cryptocurrency should not suffer from the security issues that C++ can introduce, so that’s why RsNano was started.

    Gustav attended the nano meetup in London in August of 2022 and has been collaborating with the Nano Foundation ever since. Other community members, such as Gr0vity, have been actively contributing to the Rust port of the nano node software as well.

Key events

Nano London Meetup

August 13th

    The Nano Foundation London Meetup

    Despite a continuing heatwave in London, we were excited to have our first London meetup since 2019 on August the 13th 2022! The meetup hosted a variety of speakers from industry leading businesses to speak about nano, payments, fintech and FX. Additionally, there were fun activities at the event and an enthusiastic crowd of community members and partners.

    Buying a Tesla with nano at the event, paying (a fraction of a penny) for a water bottle using a Kappture terminal, or generating proof of work using a bicycle - it was possible at the Nano London meetup!

    With speakers ranging from Colin on The Road to Commercial Grade, Pim on Adoption within Nigeria, Entrepreneur Duncan MacInnes being interviewed about FX markets and their need for improvement, setting the scene nicely for the first introduction to Trustable, a new asset settlement network.



Meeting Lori E. Lightfoot

George Coxon & Colin Lemahieu, Directors of the Nano Foundation attended a private invite event to strengthen business bonds between London and Chicago with Lori E Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago.


Products with Purpose Interview

Director of the Nano Foundation George Coxon speaks about how nano came to exist and what makes it unique, solving the carbon footprint issues of cryptocurrencies, and the potential future of a global currency.


Orphanage Outreach

Nigerian ambassador Olapade Samuel organised an orphanage outreach to help orphanages and spread awareness about nano.

Free Money Day

Free Money Day is a day to make us think differently about money and share with others. What better way to share money than with some nano?

Community Initiatives 3 Stories

Blockchain club Uganda

Our ambassador in Uganda, Niwamanya Martin, recently attended an event hosted by the Blockchain Club of Uganda and the Ministry of ICT at Makerere University!

Crypto for the Homeless

Crypto for the homeless, a charity that accepts nano with New Zealand volunteers fed over 500++ people over the summer.

Nault Merchant Mode

1-click nano node

An easy way to start a nano node.

Easy Docs Image Generator

Generate AI images or earn nano by offering GPU power for image generation.

BoomPoW v2




V24 Siglos Release Candidate

December 8th
  • We’re excited to announce that formal testing has begun on V24 - otherwise known as Siglos. With this release we’re addressing areas of instability within the node, as well as refining several subsections that have evolved over the years.
  • Unit Testing Stability
  • One significant advancement for V24 is improved unit test stability and clarity. For a long time, we’ve had a discipline of including a unit test for each functional change added to the node. This discipline allows us to make more significant changes to the node while ensuring there aren’t regressions. Unfortunately over time, older unit tests were starting to fail intermittently, which was slowing down development progress. We took several weeks reviewing, documenting, and improving the node’s unit tests which has significantly aided subsequent development work.

  • Ascending Bootstrap
  • We’ve added the ability for the bootstrap process to request blocks in ascending order. Doing this allows blocks to be inserted in their natural order, greatly decreasing reliance on the unchecked table.

  • Rebalancing Buckets
  • In V23, we added the election scheduler process and set out an initial schedule of “buckets” in which transactions get prioritised for confirmation. This initial schedule uses powers of 2 from 0 to 128 to specify the lower bound for each bucket. This was a simple way to initially balance buckets but it needed refining to operate in the range of natural transactions. We’ve made an iterative improvement in this area, allowing our limited development resources to work on other advancements.

    Read the blog article for more on this update.

RsNano Rust Port Progress Update

  • Continued progress is being made by Gustav Schauwecker and other contributors to port nano to Rust. Additionally, Gustav has done a livestream showing how he ports a piece of the nano node software to Rust and he has created a video with an explanation how others can contribute.

Key events

Nano Foundation Team


    Big changes to the team

    Piotr has come from the community to become part of our team. He started off back in May with a summer internship and has wonderfully dedicated his spare time to help solve difficult problems in the node software and make major improvements in efficiency, election handling and bootstrapping.

    We’ve also had some amazing contributions from other community developers working on the nano node, such as Bob (also known as Gr0vity) and Gustav.

    Bob has been a massive addition to the team. Among other achievements, he has written a test framework that runs multiple nano node dockers in a private test network. And has written a number of tests that use that framework to test the node in a variety of situations.

    Gustav has been doing amazing work on a Rust implementation for the nano node software. He recently split the Rust codebase into libraries and has created a convenient way to access the ledger from Rust without the need to use the nano node.

    At the end of September we said goodbye to Theo who had been with the team since April 2021 as a part-time developer. Theo had been working on the Open SSL sockets task since joining the team and we look forward to implementing this in a subsequent release.

    We welcome Chris Unwin to the team as Communications Lead to work alongside Forest, our Social Media lead and Pim, our Growth Strategist. Chris is a professional copywriter, has worked for the likes of Google and other household names, and has joined the team to drive nano forward through brilliant storytelling, alliance formation, and a brand new communication structure. Having volunteered in both Ghana and Zambia for Challenging Heights and Families for Children respectively and with education at Chris’ heart, we enter into a new chapter of sharing the global stories within the nano ecosystem.

    And finally, we give a big warm welcome back to Aneena, our Community Lead, who came back from maternity leave at the end of October while also welcoming to the world, possibly the youngest member of the nano community!

The Nano Foundation Blog


    Blog Launch & Articles

    At the end of the year, we released the new nano blog on our website. This is the place to find all the latest updates, stories, events and innovations from the Nano Foundation and beyond.

    From here we’ll tell nano’s ever growing story to the wide world and keep our fantastic, passionate community up to date. We’ll fill you in on protocol developments, community initiatives and all the exciting Nano Foundation projects as they happen.

    It will also be home to our new educational content, starting right now with The beginner's guide to cryptocurrency and nano. We know that nano has the power to change the world for the better. But we also know that the cryptocurrency space can be confusing and intimidating for many people. This is our first step towards removing these barriers and explaining how nano can make a positive difference to the lives of millions. It’s one to share with friends and family that have always wanted to know more about cryptocurrency but didn’t know where to start!



Kakele MMORPG at Brasil Game Show

The popular Kakele MMORPG attended the Brasil Game Show 2022 and showed off their awesome nano integration that lets users buy and sell in-game gold for nano.


Colin LeMahieu at Puzzle X

Nano Foundation Director, Colin LeMahieu, attended the event, which this year focused on how frontier tech can be used to create a more sustainable and prosperous future for humanity - aka, the Nano Foundation’s specialist subject.


George Coxon at Innovation Week

George Coxon, Director at the Nano Foundation, presented at Zigurat’s Innovation Week on the topic “How to Build a More Efficient Digital Economy? Nano, an Eco-friendly & feeless Digital Currency


Nigeria Awareness

Our ambassador from Nigeria, Olapade Samuel presented about nano and decentralisation at a religious organisation with about 300 participants! That's surely a great way to spread awareness! He even made a WeNano spot so people can claim nano each Sunday!

NanOrlando Meetup

The NanOrlando meetup is a great event to chat with fellow nano enthusiasts at Fantasia Gardens and Fairways Miniature Golf and play some nano golf together!”

France Online Meetup

French ambassador Corentin Hanonge organised another french online nano meetup!

Blockchain Club Uganda

Ambassador in Uganda Niwamanya Martin organised a meetup in Kampala where you can learn everything about nano.

Safeboda Meetup

Niwamanya Martin, our ambassador in Uganda, also organised an event to inform SafeBoda drivers about nano and how they can start using nano to earn tips.

Solar Powered POW

JayCoxx created a setup to generate proof of work for a nano transaction using solar power.

NanoNerd99 User Generated Content Experiment

Ambassador in the US NanoNerd99 experimented with user generated content, funded by the community!

SendNano launched

An awesome new service on Twitter called SendNano allows people in the nano community to easily send nano to each other.